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Default Re: School me on Mike McCallum

I'm away from my computer so I don't have my notes handy.

He's one of the greatest lmw's in history and he'd have given hearns a good fight.

I had him winning the first toney fight which speaks volumes about his skill level. I had him losing the rematch however.

He has some cracking scalps about him: jackson, curry, kalambay, graham, toney, watson, collins, kalule, braxton, jeff harding and mccrory (or was it starling, I can't quite remember which one).

As a boxer he had an iron chin, great footwork and body shots as well as a very solid jab. He could fight for the full twelve also.

A great fighter of that there's no doubt. You probably need to watch a few fights to get his full compliment of skills as sometimes he's a great boxer-puncher and other times he's a bodysnatcher.

In my opinion he spent a while as the best lmw in the world and a shorter while as the best mw in the world.

Get some of his fights watched.
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