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Default Re: Nick Diaz wants Anderson Silva

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Really? Leben might land something big, as most Diaz opponents do, but for the most part, he would get eaten alive. Leben has t-rex arms and swings wide, which is perfect for a guy like Diaz to capitalize on. Plus, both are able to take beatings, so I don't think that it's a "whoever lands first" type fight.
I think that would be a damned good fight.

Diaz is clearly better, much fitter and closer to prime. But I don't think he quite has the one-shot power to bomb Leben right out of there quickly. Leben is obviously very heavy handed, and Diaz would be there in front of him. The way both of them are, I think their ***** would command them to stand up and go to war.

If Diaz fights from the outside and just wears Leben down with volume, the fight is right there for him. He's the better fighter. And Diaz is obviously tough as hell, so he can afford to eat a few shots. But as tough as he is, if he gets baited into a straight throwdown, Leben might have the power to put him away. Leben would need some luck, and he'd still be the underdog, but if he catches a break he could win the fight. And even when he most likely doesn't, the fans will surely be entertained.

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