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Default Re: Silva vs Maia

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
The sense of patriotism of brazilians makes trash talk before the fight between two brazilians a bit different than the normal......generally becomes a greater rivalry.
Is like "wow, youīre brazilian too, we are supposed to be allies" you know....looks a bit silly perhaps, but it is like that...
Is more understandable when a non-brazilian fighter acts with trash talk against a brazilian.....

Maia said some light trash before the fight, something like "Yeah, a spider has 8 legs Iīll just pull out them".....
AS thought things like this were a bit disrespectful especially because he trained with Demian before and everything... he expected a more respectful conduct by Maia .....

After the fight Silva said that he tried to frustrate Demianīs game with those provocations but he also said that if Demian said he would submit him he deserved it, he was a bit mad at the time too then....

And this sense of patriotism by the brazilians also made AS hated after this, because people wondered "Why he did that to a good kid like Damian and not with Sonnen (first fight) who acted much more disrespectfully ?"

But he never gave a detailed explanation about the thing, simply said he was mad with Maia and also tried to frustrate him....Wouldnīt surprise me if they had some kind of beef we donīt know.....since AS devide opinions between his former training mates...especially now, like Pelé showed in that thread I posted here before...
Cheers vic knew you'd be the man for this thread. The thing I don't understand is the change mid way through the 3rd from clowning but hurting to just looking awful and potentially losing rounds.

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
That is such minor trash talk.
He's up there with tim bradley under the worst trash talkers
Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post
I'm sure at the time I heard the reason he did not finish the fight is because he was angry at the UFC because they don't pay him a win bonus... he just get a flat rate for a win, loss or draw.

I'm not sure how much truth there is in that but if I remember Ed Sores was talking about it before this fight and then Silva was smashing DM and the stopped fighting... to me it seemed like a blatent FU to the UFC... a "Pay me or a won't put on a show"

If this is true very interesting and a bit *****ish. Weird aswell considering hes the kind of guy who could easily get Knockout of the night and those kind of performances dont increase your value.
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