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Default Re: Nick Diaz wants Anderson Silva

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
Diaz might be a bit too open defensively to beat Silva... he`s a warrior for even considering the fight & it would be fascinating to see him try... Silva will be a strong favourite tho... I`d be rooting for Diaz.
As much as I love Nick Diaz, I disagree with this sentiment. No-one deserves credit for talking about a fight. Let's reserve the credit for if it actually happens. What you're suggesting is tantamount to those who recognize Joe Calzaghe for "calling out" Roy Jones because he mentioned his name once in an interview but never lifted a finger to make the fight a possibility. Hell, it's tantamount to those who think Floyd Mayweather didn't duck Pacquiao because he was taking pot-shots at him for years through the safety of the media.

Not for a second am I insinuating that Diaz is anywhere near as much of a cowardly career-strategizer as either Calzaghe or Mayweather, he isn't, but by the same logic "warrior" status should be conferred only on those who actually make the fights rather than those who talk about them.

BJ Penn and Dan Henderson are warriors. If Nick ever gets this fight or seriously chases it, I'll recognize it. But not before. Anyone can say anything in an interview setting.
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