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Default Re: Lineage of the coloured heavyweight title

This is what I came up with a while back:


1849 Daniel Knox was described by the New York Clipper as the “Colored Champion,” and was allowed to fight only Black opponents.

1876 Charles C. Smith “The Black Thunderbolt” claims the title after offering to take on all comers.

Sept. 13, 1880
Ben Smith WTKO3 Louis Leard; Pelham Station Alabama
Smith; Alabama Coloured Champion challenged all Negro's to fight for his belt

Jan 14, 1881 Prof. (Professor) Charles Hadley W3 Morris Grant, New York, NY
Sep, 1881 George Godfrey claims title when, after stripping to fight John L Sullivan , the Heavyweight Champion refused to fight.

Apr 6, 1882 (Professor) Charles Hadley KO2 Morris Grant, New York, NY
Dec 7, 1882 (Professor) Charles Hadley KO3 Morris Grant, New York, NY

Jan 10, 1883 (Professor) Charles Hadley KO2 Harry Woodson, New York, NY

Friday 23rd February 1883
Boston, Massachusetts
George Godfrey W (Professor) Charles Hadley KO 6
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title
2oz gloves were used

Sunday 1st July 1883
New York, New York
(Professor) Charles Hadley W Harry Woodson PTS
Date Uncertain (Black Heavyweight Championship)

Saturday 10th May 1884

Boston, Massachusetts
George Godfrey D McHenry Johnson TD 4
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title
Police stopped the fight after Johnson was floored
The fight in the Crib Club Boston, Mass. USA was billed as fight to a finish to decide the 'coloured' title; police stopped it after Godfrey was well on top.

Wednesday 25th January 1888
Bloomfield, Colorado
George Godfrey W McHenry Johnson KO 4
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title
The decision of the referee was later reversed by the club's directors and Godfrey was awarded the winner's share of the purse, he had originally been disqualified. Godfrey knocked down Johnson in the fourth and the latter and his seconds claimed foul. Initially, the referee ruled the bout in Johnson’s favor, but the club eventually changed the ruling.

Friday 24th August 1888
California Athletic Club, San Francisco, California
Heavyweight Peter Jackson W George Godfrey TKO 19
Billed for the 'coloured' Heavyweight title
Jackson never defended the title and it lapsed for close to eight years.

Cyberboxingzone - Peter Jackson won the coloured title by defeating George Godfrey in August 1888 and did not defend again officially, but he retained the Lineal Coloured championship and retained that title against quality opposition (including Jim Corbett) until he ran into a young fighter by the name of none other than James Jeffries. This happened in March 1898. Jeffries knocked him out in the third round and with that win, became the Lineal Coloured champion. In 1896, the coloured championship had been awarded to Bob Armstrong (by the chart in this thread) although a political decision (jackson was still lineal), Bob Armstrong was a sparring partner and in fact in 1898 lost a decision to, You guessed it James J Jeffries. There was one other claimant, because Armstrong actually lost his title to Frank Childs. There is one disputed newspaper report claim that has James Jeffries defeating Frank Childs early in his career. It is also noted that Childs was beaten later on by Joe Choynski who couldnt win the World Title. In any case, Childs dropped the lineal title to George Byers who then went undefeated until losing to Tommy West. Interestingly, Byers also had losses to future title challenger Jack Root.

All in all, there isn’t really any argument that Jim Jeffries wasn’t the best fighter in the world when he won his world championship. In reality, he was as close to being lineal and undisputed as anyone ever has been or could be. In fact, you may be able to create an argument (if you are using the theory in the post above) that James J Jeffries was in fact the first ever undisputed champion.

Nov. 11, 1896
The 'Mirror of Life' stated That Peter Jackson was Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Monday 21st December 1896
Broadway A.C., New York, New York
Bob Armstrong W Charley Strong KO 19
Billed for the vacant 'colored' Heavyweight title

Saturday 6th March 1897
Broadway A.C., Brooklyn, New York
Bob Armstrong W Joe Butler TKO 6
Referee: **** Roche
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title

Saturday 29th January 1898
Chicago A.A., Chicago, Illinois
Frank Childs W Bob Armstrong KO 2
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title

Saturday 26th February 1898

Chicago, Illinois
Frank Childs W John (Klondike) Haines DQ 3
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title. Fight appears in Childs's record in Nelse Innes's RING RECORD, No. 6, but not reported in the Chicago Tribune.

March 23, 1898
The 'Mirror of Life' stated Peter Jackson is now a physical wreck and should not be allowed to fight

Thursday 2nd June 1898
Chicago, Illinois
Charley Strong D Frank Childs PTS 6
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title

Wednesday 14th September 1898
Lenox AC, New York, New York
George Byers 165 W Frank Childs PTS 20
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title

Saturday 4th March 1899
Stag A.C., Cincinnati, Ohio
Frank Childs W Bob Armstrong TKO 6
Colored World Heavyweight Title

Monday 8th May 1899 (Other sources have May 6, 1899)

Howard Theater, Chicago, Illinois
John (Klondike) Haines W Jack Johnson TKO 5
Haines claimed 'black' Heavyweight title. Date of May 8 reported in the Chicago Tribune.
Other sources say that Klondike never claimed the Title, he was only 165 pounds.

July 24,1899 George Byers KO9 Charley Strong, Brooklyn, NY

Friday 11th August 1899
Chicago, Illinois
Frank Childs W John (Klondike) Haines PTS 6
Childs claims Haines 'black' Heavyweight title

Saturday 28th October 1899
Chicago, Illinois
Frank Childs W John (Klondike) Haines KO 3
Childs defends 'black' Heavyweight title

Friday 16th March 1900
Star AC, Chicago, Illinois
Frank Childs D George Byers PTS 6
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title
Childs defends 'black' Heavyweight title

Saturday 15th December 1900
Chicago, Illinois
Frank Childs W Joe Butler KO 6
Childs defends 'black' Heavyweight title

Saturday 16th March 1901
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Frank Childs W George Byers KO 17
Billed for the 'colored' Heavyweight title

Monday 24th February 1902
American A.C., Chicago, Illinois
Denver Ed Martin W Frank Childs PTS 6
Martin wins world 'colored' heavyweight title

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