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Default Re: Lionel Rose Los Angeles Riot/Footage

Originally Posted by momeally
I am trying to find out about getting Archival News footage from US TV stations (CBS/ ABC etc) of the following fights of the Australian Aboriginal Fighter LIONEL ROSE:

Aug 28 Joe Medel Inglewood, CA W 10
Dec 6 Chucho Castillo Los Angeles W 15

(Retains World Bantamweight Title)

Jun 10 Ernie Cruz Honolulu W 10
Aug 22 Ruben Olivares Los Angeles KO by 5

(Loses World Bantamweight Title)

** If any one has any info on how to contact any of the TV stations in USA, or has any leads on how to chase up this footage it would be greatly appreciated. There may be some compensation available for any informtion provided.
Please contact :
I have Lionel`s fights versus Chucho Castillo and Ruben Olivares, but as for the the other fights you mentioned, I have never seen them on any lists. I can make a few inquirys about the Medel and Cruz fights for you, but do you know wether or not those fights were even filmed?
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