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Default Re: Who had the better Career Resume...Liston or Johnson

Johnson. If Johnson ever quit at least he did when he was an old man.

I can see the arguments for Liston. And honestly upon more examination it's fine. The thing is, Johnson has a lot of names although it they were timely names. I don't know how exactly that should be valued but he beat great fighters when they were green (Or green fighters that turned out to be great. Depends on how you view it). Besides those green names of Langford, Jeannete, Mcvey, and the older names of smaller Fitzsimmons and Young Peter Jackson. Johnson also has Jeffries, Ketchel, Flynn, and Moran. Those aren't half bad title defenses. Either way, I only have Johnson 2 spots ahead so it's not clear either way.

The problem with Liston is he basically was the quickest to go from hero to zero with the exception of Foreman, who later found historical redemption (I mean hero figuratively. Liston was never a hero). In some ways he'll never lose that bully smudge that's forever stained his legacy. Liston was great, no doubt. But he never dealt with a serious, grueling challenge. When he faced the toughest task he folded like a sack of potatoes (No disrespect to potatoes). I don't see how his fans reconcile this. They sort of justify that Ali is the GOAT HW but we're talking about an 22 year old Ali. More importantly, it's not Ali but how Liston responded to Ali that's troubling. His record is pretty good. Not great, though. He doesn't have the kind of title defenses or longevity other HW champs have like Louis or Tyson. He also doesn't have the bigger legacy name wins that champs like Frazier, Foreman, and Holyfield have.

Johnson #9, Liston #11.
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