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Default Re: Who had the better Career Resume...Liston or Johnson

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Chris, Langford scaled 156lbs for Johnson ,if we take his best weight as around 175/180lbs,that is 20/24 lbs below his best weight.

Johnson scaled 189lbs,Johnson said he was in the shape of his life for the Jeffries fight, he scaled 208lbs for that so 19lbs below his optimum weight.

Factor in that Langford was the more experienced fighter,with over 50 fights under his belt.

Harry Wills gets a ton of credit for beating a porky, 39 years old Langford, yet Johnson is castigated for beating a younger version.

When Johnson absolutely dominated McVey, before koing him in the last round, McVey had allready stopped names like Kid Carter,Fred Russell and Denver Ed Martin..

McVey was no middle either ,he scaled 207 to Johnson's 190lbs

Jeannette was 26 when he first fought Johnson and ,27 for their last encounter.I think it's safe to assume he had pubic hair.

Jeffries was past it , but whose fault was it they did not meet in their primes?
What other HW champ has to boast his rating by claiming credit for beating a 5'6 superwelter? Fact remains that Mcvey and Jeannette were both green as grass and were avoided by Johnson as they grew into their respective primes.
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