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Default Re: Who had the better Career Resume...Liston or Johnson

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
That also hurts him in head-to-head with Johnson, because Jack was a defensive wizard who would have made Sonny miss and get frustrated, and all the while Jack would have talked as much as or even more smack to Sonny than Ali did. And when Sonny's face got puffed up, which it did with Ali and would have with Johnson too, then Sonny would have imploded.
Yeah but this is speculation on your side. I can just as well state that Johnson had the luxury of facing opponents who barely knew how to threw a jab, rarely kept their hands up, and fought like they'd be taxed if they threw a combination. They generally had a bare knuckle transition style of boxing and as a result Liston could blast Jack out of there early.

The question is "who had the better career resume". Respect the game.
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