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Default Re: Who had the better Career Resume...Liston or Johnson

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Exactly how much credence does Johnson receive, as a heavyweight, for beating Gardner? And what credence does he get for beating the single worst fighter to ever vie for a title in Ross? Why doe you even list Ross?

TBH, I am not sufficiently engaged with this thread to really give a **** what the outcome will be.I haven't even made a pick.

It's an apples/oranges argument.

I could point out that Johnson offered to defend his title against McCarty then considered the best of the White Hopes.

Promoter Tommy Burns turned him down, because he wanted to slip Pelkey in with McCarty,[we know how that turned out. ]
I could point out that Johnson took ads out in many prominent papers stating he would defend his title against ANYONE for what Burns had received for defending it against him,$30,000.

I could believably say that Johnson may well have beaten Jeffries in 1905 ,which would put him out of reach here.

You could just as plausibly state that if Liston was given a shot at the crown when Ingo and Floyd were playing pass the parcel with it , he may have won the title a couple of years before he did,and just as emphatically ,[does anyone pick Ingo to beat him?] He would then have another Champ as a scalp.

How you determine the merits of Johnson's opponents pre- title without having seen any of them on film is amazing ,is it by osmosis?

I really only involved myself when I thought a couple of things were being distorted.

Bottom line, it's not really vital to my existence to have a definitive answer on this subject.
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