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Default Re: Dana White: Dissolving of PRIDE Fighting Championships a “Possibility”

Originally Posted by Beebs
How on earth can something that inherently stops action bring about more action? If I never see a bunch of people slapping and fighters hands or hear the words "stop, don't move" again, the MMA world will be a better place. There is no advantage to using a ring, all it does is endanger the fighters and interrupt the action.
It makes them fight because there are 90 degree right angles.
Due to these right angles it is much easier to cut a fighter off,hem him in and force him to start fighting.

Since the octagon is so massive and essentially circular in shape, a fighter can dance around and move away from the opponent alot more easily.
PRIDE fights are for the whole, more exciting than UFC fights,because the ring forces them to fight.

The restarts? big deal, it takes 5 seconds to put the fighters to the middle of the ring.
The ring is dangerous? I always thought that claim was bull****,how many fighters have fallen out the ring and injured themselves that they can't continue to fight? few,if any

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