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Default Re: Who had the better Career Resume...Liston or Johnson

What about the pre 1950's HW questions? Are you standards considering the times a little extreme, or was ducking during those days because of racial lines and various other reasons more excusable, and only under the scrutiny of hindsight are these fighters records that much lesser than more modern HWs (As well as the opinions of the viewers of that time). Phew, that's quite the run on sentence.

My stance would be Luf's logic. That Johnson's whole record is better than the sum of its part. You can **** and discredit each opponent but Johnson beat the best fighters of his day. Of course he didn't beat all of them at their most timely peaks as fighters, but that's not entirely Johnson's fault as the politics probably wouldn't permit. Would whites really be interesting in watching two black HWs compete for the championship? Maybe they would and maybe it would be permitted. It wouldn't sell nearly as well as the white hope theme. Maybe I'm just buying into apologetic bull**** for Johnson. I don't think I am.
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