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Default Re: Top 5 Worst Boxing Commentators of All Time

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
Boring played out topic, but **** it, I'm going with it.

Who are they?

Let me give my 5:

1. Emanuel Steward - Surely has to be the worst. Draws conclusions on the fight within 10 seconds of the bout starting and then changes his mind a minute or two later, only to let us know that he predicted this turn of events all along. To add to that, he shamelessly follows the lead on Jim Lampley's stupid comments instead of standing his ground and speaking with conviction on his own behalf and if you're following Jim, by definition you're goners.

2. George Foreman - A congenial presence, but says some of the dumbest **** ever heard in a commentary box

3. Ferdie Pacheco - Biased beyond belief, starts with 4 rounds in the bank for any house fighter before the fight even starts. And his pop medical diagnoses are largely bollox.

4. Howard Cossell - Ushered in the annoying attention ***** commentator syndrome with his self important rambling and none too edifying remarks

5. Jim Lampley / Colonel Bob Sheridan - Good, colourful personalities, but seriously NFI on accurately calling the action. You might as well have fights they commentate on silent and have random BANG! KABOOM! etc. quotation bubbles pop up on the screen like in the comic books rather than listen to their misinformed enthusiasm.

Dishonourable mention to Dave Bontempo - a guy that all too regularly gets caught up in a pre-conceived idea and rolls with it regardless of whether the action taking place confirms it or not. HATE commentators like that....

Who are your top/worst 5?

Has Johnathan Pearce ever done boxing commentary ?
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