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Default Re: Top 5 Worst Boxing Commentators of All Time

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
Jim Lampley- Routinely miscalls the action with punches that never happened and tries to stir up drama when it's not needed. It's always easy to see who he's rooting for.

Ferdie Pacheco- Will get on a point early in the fight and never drop it. His bias is easy to see and his commentary suffers because of it.

George Foreman- He might have been entertaining, but his points were often off the mark by a good margin. Basically, he had the appearance, but when he actually made more than simple remark it was usually wrong.

Howard Cossell- Was more like a cheerleader once he had his mind made up that he wanted a certain fighter to win. He'd act as if he was smarter than everyone, despite not having any experience in boxing aside from watching it.

Whoever that guy is that redid the commentary on a lot of the older fights. He precalls the action. "Note the snappy 1-2 from so and so and the damage it does"...3 seconds later the said fighter lands a good 1-2. I'd rather not know the punches that occur before they happen.
Good call.
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