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Default Re: Who had the better Career Resume...Liston or Johnson

I amuses me that Johnson's detractors don't give him the proper credit he deserves for beating McVea, Joe J and Sam L because of x, y and z... X being that he fought them when they weren't prime (even though some had more fights than him).. Y.. because they hadn't filled into their proper body weight (even though his best win was when he weighed even less and Johnson also wasn't at his best weight) and Z.. they plain sucked anyways ( as if Liston resume is full of all time greats from top to bottom... Oo wait it has even less all time greats on it). Point is, this nonsense about detracting from Johnson's resume because he didn't beat certain fighters when "people" think they were prime is illogical. Mainly beause you would first have to prove them being whatever people claim would've made a difference against Johnson, when ya know, Johnson had already crushed them with utter ease the times he did fight them. So now people 100 years later feel they weren't good enough then.. and so that some takes away from the utter thrashing he gave them when they did fight...? Hilarious.
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