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Default Re: Saensak Muangsurin vs. Miguel Velazquez

The Fight

Miguel Velazquez at a 'light' 136 1/2 lbs., actually won the 1st-Round, by scoring
with light, but accurate left jabs and quick snally right hands.

The Champion - Saensak, was content to let the 31 1/2 year-old veteran throw
anything he had, as the Thai fighter was content to see what Velazquez had.

But in Round 2, Saensak started to unload, and hurt Velazquez bad, and dropped him for an '8-Count'.

In Round 3, more of the same, as again Saensak battered the 'out-gunned' Miguel, and
dropped him again for an '8-Count'.

In between Rounds, the 16,000 Spanish fans tried to encourage their Madrid fighter
with chants of 'Miguel, Miguel'.

In Miguel Velazquez corner, was his compatriot, Jose Manuel Duran (newly crowned WBA
Light-Middleweight Champion), who offered his advice on how to 'ward off' Saensak in the
next round.

In Round 4, Saensak set the pace, and measured Miguel for 'The Hard Left Fist'.
Numerous times the 'left fist' found the mark, and the Spaniard 'teetered' on the edge
of falling down a 3rd-time. But somehow, Miguel and his battered body made it to the end of the round.

As the bell rang ending Round 4, Miguel Velazquez turned to his left to walk back to his corner,
and then after a pause, Saensak Muangsurin unloaded a booming left to the right side of Velazquez' head.

Miguel went to the canvas with legs wide-spread, and unconscious.

Without hesitation, Mexican Referee - Abraham Chavarria called a 'foul' and immediately 'disqualified' the
Champion for a 'blatant' after-the-bell-foul.

In the photo below, a still stunned Miguel Velazquez is 'paraded' as the new WBC Light-Welterweight Champion.
WBC President, Jose Sulaiman (sunglasses) was also part of the celebration, as he attempts to put the
'Championship Belt' around the waist of the 'nuevo' Campeon Del Mundo.

Campeon Del Mundo (Miguel Velasquez)

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