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Default Re: Who had the better Career Resume...Liston or Johnson

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post


and if you spot him a pound, you can include Folley
Machen was under 200lbs, so that dosn't leave you with verry much.

Williams, you don't rate very highly yourself.

Valdez was old.

Once you have to pull out guys like Bethea and Besmanoff, you are getting towards fringe contender teritory.


The green as a shoot McVea
The shot, pathetic Jeffries, after 5 years of retirement

I don't think Ed Martin or Sandy Ferguson were 200 against Johnson.

Yeah, why don't you finish the Johnson list... It is a little less than awe-inspiring.
You have already produced a better list than the one that you have been able to come up with for Liston.

McVea was green, but he was viewd as being one of the top two contenders at the time.

A shot Jeffries is a prety good name if you are reduced to trotting out people like Bethea.

Matin and Ferguson were over 200lbs when Johnson fought them

I havn't even mentioned the fact that Johnson beat all these guys multiple times.

I could carry on fleshing the list out further.

Its seems that you are so set in the mentality of fighters from later eras having a size advantage, that you don't even pick up on it when they manifestly and obviously don't.
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