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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather, Jr v Pernell Whitaker

Originally Posted by the cobra View Post
Perhaps it was taking into account popularity/drawing power as well. When was the last time someone with a similar style and somewhat similar talent level was capable of generating the kind of attention and pay he is? Whether it's good or bad press, he's had a major role in making boxing 'big' again.

Then there's the way his career has played out. A bit staged and not a ton of risks taken, but how many guys have there been that picked up titles across 5 divisions over a span of 16 years and never once suffered defeat?

He sure as hell isn't a once in a lifetime kind of talent (he's special, alright, just not that special), so it almost has to be something like that.
Mayweather could never ever have got away with this in the 80's when you only had 2 governing bodies. As you say he's picked up 5 TITLE's which in we all know in truth ai'nt that major acomplishment what with the plethora of belts about & not undisputed championships.

In this HBO $$$ age Floyds done a greatjob in navigating his way deep into the HBO $$$ trough by succesfully avoiding the real legacy fights so that he could get his shot at the golden $$ egg laying mothergoose in DLH & that was always his & everyone else's target & once there he intends to stay there with HBO's blessing & the 1st sign of danger he'd just retire & wait till the danger had passed.

Like you i think he's a very good boxer but i can't give him the status of being great or legend material because his resume is sp**** to say the least & he can't have it both ways, money & legacy earned, but as floyd always said, legacy don't pay the bills, he's been a major disappointment for me considering that he maybe could have been up there with the ATG's if he'd taken on the challenges & cleaned out divisions but i think those days will never return now we have HBO ruling the boxing world & feeding the great unwashed this diet of 24/7 gash, bread & circuses for the masses & very little to do with the purist angle of what a real championship is about.

Pacquiao is of the old school mould who went after the accepted rulers of the divisions or near top of.
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