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Default Re: Pro coaches that don't pad there own fighters

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
What do you get back from a bag ??? , shadow and sparring yes , also a necessity , but for me the big one has to be pads , how does a coach impose a style and pass on his knowledge in his technique if he doesn't pad his pupil ???

Bag work is important yes but for different reasons than getting your pads , maybe I'm naive and un educated at thinking this but i thought pads were an essential ritual to be perfectly honest
I use the pads to coach obviously but there are times when I need more then a 2d view of a boxer. Especially as I coach mainly novices.

You can still coach someone on a bag, and you can still coach someone shadow boxing. I think your confusing going on the pads with one to one input and that can occur when your doing most things if your coach is attentive enough.

Any moron can hold a set of pads- its what your being told while there being held that's important. But the instructions you give on the pads can be given in other scenarios.

I have two lads who train with each other every session. They've NEVER hit the pads . They just hit each other... I did it as an experiment. And they are mus**** for novices and can spar with anyone.
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