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Default Question for Southpaws

The Scene:
Me - Southpaw - roughly 185lbs (84kg) and about 5'11"
Opponent - Orthodox - roughly 195lb (90kg) and about 5'9"
'Light' sparring

The Problem:
From the off, the guy keeps his left hand out - nearly straight arm - and uses to push slightly while leaning forward. With not a massive amount of experience, I'm having difficulty getting around it to do anything.

I try to get my right foot on the outside and he turns to face. Try to go inside out of frustration and go straight into a right straight. Even tried going over/under, but (somehow) don't seem to have the reach despite a 2" height advantage.

The only way I get anywhere is to ape the same technique and parry anything he throws... but then I always seem to be just a bit too far back to do anything.........

- Any advice? -
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