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Default Re: What sort of fighter was Harry Wills

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Can I get you some wine to go with that whining?
I'm not whining, just observing.

No ones saying Wills in fighting was amazing, we know he scored KOs in several of his fights on the inside and was a bodypuncher though so it indicates he was adept inside

Obviously when someone states Dempsey-Firpo was 1 of the greatest feats of infighting it needs to be put in perspective, ie offensively he was good but he gave no regard to defence and a better fighter would hit him far more
True .... Dempsey went into the Firpo fight with low regard for Firpo's ability. Dempsey was quoted before the fight saying he was just going to go in and brawl and make an exciting fight.
Reports written by people who knew Dempsey thought the Firpo performance was uncharacteristic ... but it was a great fight.

I think janitor is right to say it demonstrated some awesome short punch power.

Dempsey does get lauded in ink and he gets his fair share of criticism from papers of the time too
As does Wills.
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