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Default Re: Saensak Muangsurin vs. Miguel Velazquez

Friday Night - October 29, 1976

Thailand -Saensak Muangsurin regained his WBC Light-Welterweight
Championship over Champion - Spaniard - Miguel Velazquez, by a
'Knockout' (KO 2) last night.

The Championship Bout lasted all of '5-minutes', as Saensak blasted
Miguel all over the ring.

The Thai-fighter, 'ridiculed' the Spaniard by laughing at him after getting
hit by Miguel's best punch. Muangsurin, with a boyish face, almost
mischevious, smiles constantly, even while absorbing blows from his opponent.

As Miguel fell to the canvas, Saensak 'The Shadow of the Devil' glared at his fallen
opponent and pleaded with the Spaniard to rise, so he could had out more punishment.

The now (26 year-old) Champion, at 6-1-0 (5 KO's) looks 'unbeatable'
with his 'two-cuffs'.

After the bout, Saensak stated, 'I'm not afraid in the ring. I can take '10'
punches to '1', and still come out on top. In the first fight, Miguel exaggerated
the late punch that I hit him with. I was on my way to an easy win, and he looked to flop'.

On the losing end, Miguel was insulted by several hundred Segovia spectators after the bout,
and was boo'd as he walked from the ring. It was not the way Miguel Velazquez (a classy stylist)
wanted his career to end.


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