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Default Re: ATG's who could never beat a Prime ATG @their fighting weights?

Originally Posted by Foreman Hook View Post
Hook here, which ATG's could never beat a Prime ATG at any weight they fought at???

*I mean even if these ATG's were Prime themselves, given a hot tub time machine, they could not win VS other Prime ATG's without a v.lucky punch.

My turn to start,





Foreman Hoooooooooooooook!
i think that some1 who could not beat any ATG in his prime at their weight is not n ATG .

4 example , consider my top 10 HW :
Valuev , McCall , 4man , Vitali ,
Tucker , Holyfield , Lewis , Ibeabuchi

McCall could beat Vitali and 4man , but i doubt that he could beat Valuev .
still , he could beat 2 out of d other 3 .
Valuev could beat all of them .
Vitali might have beaten Valuev (but what if Valuev bothered 2 juice&train like he does ?) and maybe 4man but not McCall if McCall comes sharp .

a notch below i could c Tua outpointing McCall but d opposite as well .
yet another notch below i could c tucker giving 4man trouble and maybe even vitali and i wish i had mccall vs tucker .
holyfield could have won a decision over mccall and maybe maul with vitali .
ibeabuchi obviously gave tua a tough fight and i believe would have been a tough fight 4 4man and even vitali .
Brewster i could c beating tucker

so in any notch i could somehow find some1 whom could at least b competitive with some1 in a notch below him .
in some occasions , even some1 whom could beat some1 2 notches below him .

i do think that pacquiao could beat ATGs , d rest r not really ATGs , unless u insist on lying 2 yourself of course .

d reason 2y "dempsey" is not n ATG is not even because he wouldn't have done well vs fellow hw champions from other eras , but simply because he avoided blakk fighters , cheated vs Sharkey and did not impress often against his reasonably skilled (4 their era) opponents .
So simple . even if u don't go by h2h and do go by resume considering what 1's era had 2 offer , "dempsey" didn't do that well 2b regarded as a true ATG .
ATG means All Time Great . Dempsey's gr8ness in his own era is doubtful .
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