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Default Re: Pro coaches that don't pad there own fighters

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
I'm intrigued by this experiment of yours. What do you mean when you say "they are mus**** for novices"?

I just had two lads come to me as totally unboxed- just trained them by using conditioned sparring and shadow boxing - and they are pretty superb. One will definately fight when I get my amateur gym going.

They both have lots of room to improve but they are doing things when they spar that you wouldn't expect novices to do- timing counters, feighning shots to create openings, mixing up different types of shots.... They hold their own with lads who have boxed amateur and like I said they are very green - train once or twice a week for an hour for the last 8 months.

They look pretty **** on the pads.
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