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Default Re: What would Samart Payakaroon do?

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
Thanks for detailed response. I was hoping you would chime in when I made this thread. It's great to have you on this forum.

I know that Thai fighters are very adept regarding stand-up grappling. I realize they are not Judokas, but they have to worry about sweeps and throws. However, they do not have to worry about single and double leg take downs. I don't know if the need to sprawl would force them to alter their stance.

When the Thai Boxers switch to Western Boxing; the kicks, knees, elbows, and clinch all disappear. This forces them to adjust their stance to be ready to do nothing but punch. Imagine facing Mike Tyson in a Muay Thai stance, and not being allowed to kick. Well, since most of these guys we're mentioning are smaller, imagine Chavez or Pacquiao. I still can't help but wonder if Fenech was such a problem for Payakaroon because of the fact there is no way a guy his size could get inside on him like that if kicks, and Muay Thai clinch work, were allowed.

Since Muay Thai fighters could essentially use their entire offence, rules vary with elbows in certain orgs, I wonder if they would have to change their stance at all. I'm always screaming for more jabs, but I come from a western boxing background. If I were more familiar with a Muay Thai skill set, I wonder if I would be screaming for something else.

boranbkk, what do you scream at fighters for not doing when watching mma?
Good post and thanks again for the welcome. I like the mix here in the MMA forum and I love the fact a poster can go from classic to techincal to contemporary all in one thread. It's a small group of regulars in here and most have something to say which I really like. People may disagree but I think there is a good mix of knowledge in here I've learnt alot about the current MMA scene.

When I watch MMA my biggest two gripes are the genreal lack of quality in the striking department and how so many of the fighters panic underfire. Many many many of the guys don't seem to know how to take or check strikes and go into panic stations and crumble. However, that being said it's understandable as alot of the guys come form grappling/wrestling backgrounds. It also seems many of the guys who start thier careers as pure MMA guys without any grounding in one particular art and cross train form the start have a blown up sense of thier striking capabilities or maybe they've all just been listening to Joe Rogan's commentary on the "high standared of their MT striking" .

What might surprise you when I watch MMA, it's the groundwork that I really enjoy watching. This has surprised me to . I struggle to take alot of the striking seriously, but as whose into pure effective forms of fighting it's the grappling that seems to be of a high standard so I enjoy watching it, in a similar way to how I enjoy watching the Judo at the Olympics. It seems there's an imbalance of quality between ground work and striking with the ground work being right up there and the stiking... welll you know. However, from a fight or training point of view I'll always be an Muay Thai purist who likes his boxing and would never consider training in any form grappling or wrestling, just dosen't appeal.

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Fenech was a problem for Samart because he was horribly drained at the weight and Fenech is arguably the toughest head to head proposition around that weight not called Wilfredo Gomez or Eder Jofre. Awful matchup for Samart anyway, but I would've loved to have seen it play out over the scheduled distance, was a perfect styles clash on paper, Payakroon's legs went pretty quickly though. And without 'em he was ****ed.

Pintor was horribly shot so Samart's best boxing showing is against the tough and hard punching but basic Mexican aggressor Juan 'Kid' Meza. Awesome display of movement, defence (seriously Samart rivals Sweet Pea himself in the last round) and accuracy. Not a great fight by any means, but until someone makes me hit the stratosphere upon proving that footage of Samart's debut against Vorasingh exists, I'll go with that one.

Best performance by a convert in boxing is by Khaokor Galaxy against Sung-Kil Moon IMO. That man displays both facets of Thai footwork against an iron chinned gravel fisted legend. And beats the living **** out of him.
Great post again Flea, always on the money.

You've thrown down the guantlet there with the Samart Vorasingh footage. I'll have to see what I can try to dig up.
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