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Default Re: Naseem hammed should have been great

No he shouldn't. He tried to turn the most shallow dimension of boxing (as entertainment) into it's only dimension. It's beautifully fitting that a fighter previously known as a brawler pulled a solid, professional, tactical performance to dominate the fight. If we were talking about someone like Jack Blackburn, for example, who had a spotty record cause he was forced to fight people two or three divisions above him to make a living, than I'd say yes. Just put it in perspective, man. If you could choose between the gifted moron who was too busy showboating and humiliating another athlete to hone his craft, and an poor clumsy SOB who couldn't box for **** but was ready to put his clumsy ass on the line and to work like a MF (like Fullmer or Marciano or whatever), who would you choose to be 'great'? So, no he shouldn't have. He could have. Just like Fullmer's clumsy ass (not that he was 'great', but you know what I mean).
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