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Default Re: Anyone know about Polish heavy Artur Szpilka?

Originally Posted by turbina View Post
It's win win for Szpilkas camp.

Worst case he loses, takes a big check, gets good experience, and they say, it was too early for him, he only had 10 fights or w/e and he will come back better and stronger.

He wins, he takes a good check, his credibility shoots way the **** up, and so does his ego and confidence, which is already high, and opens doors to much bigger fights if he wishes to take them. Of course they are gunning for Adamek, and they know it is realistic because it would generate a lot of attention with all the **** talking Szpilka will be doing, and all the hype he has been getting.

Thing is, team Adamek won't take or want this fight, because other then a payout, which they can get elsewhere, it won't do anything for them. Maybe after Adamek fights a Klitschko and loses again, he would consider it as a farewell fight, if he doesn't retire first.

Personally I think since the Arreola fight Adamek has been looking worse and worse and imo is past his prime at this point. HW has not served him well at all.
And yet he only has a single loss to his record against an ATG. Let's get it straight: If 5 years ago someone told you Adamek would compete as a heavyweight, beaten Golota, Arreola and Chambers, you'd think him crazy. While I agree Adamek is not at his best as a HW, he hasn't done bad at all and probably better than most expected when he decided to enter this division.
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