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Default Re: Anyone know about Polish heavy Artur Szpilka?

Originally Posted by lzolnier View Post
And yet he only has a single loss to his record against an ATG. Let's get it straight: If 5 years ago someone told you Adamek would compete as a heavyweight, beaten Golota, Arreola and Chambers, you'd think him crazy. While I agree Adamek is not at his best as a HW, he hasn't done bad at all and probably better than most expected when he decided to enter this division.
I'd agree he has done better then many anticipated. But it isn't the fact that he wins his fights. It's the style in which he wins them that make me say and think what I do. It always seems like a struggle. Not saying he doesn't deserve the wins, he does. But it seems that almost every fight is the fight of his life in HW. He also runs out of steam late in the game, as he is trying to keep up the same workrate as he did at lower weights, but his heart has to pump that blood through a much bigger body and much more muscle.

Things came much easier at CW and he looked much more powerful, and much more dynamic then he does at HW. He is just too small to be a good HW, and the only reason he has made it as far as he has, is because the division is weak. He went in there against a real SHW, and got knocked from pillar to post for 10 rounds. I honestly was on the train thinking Adamek could somehow at least make it competitive, I was wrong.

I'm not saying Adamek is **** at HW. Because he is the top of the division. I'm just saying Adamek doesn't look good at HW. Adamek doesn't belong at HW. Which those things, coupled with his success, show he is that much better of a fighter because he has done it, and won it. Not long ago he was fighting at 175 limit. So it is all impressive none the less. But I much liked the Adamek of CW then what I have been seeing lately... and I do think he has been somewhat slowing since the Arreola fight, and is past his best at this point. Maybe if he came in at like 210 or 215 it would make things a bit better... Don't know what he is thinking coming in 220+ he sure as **** doesn't seem to be hitting any harder.

Anyways, when he retires, I will remember him for his never die spirit, his warrior mentality. His wars with Briggs, with Cunningham, how he destroyed Banks. That is the Adamek I liked to see. Those are his fights that stick out most to me.
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