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Default Re: Stanley Ketchel modernized - who would he fight like?

Honestly i think Ketchal is just one of kind...graziano and trinidad were a bit chinny, from what i've read Ketchal could take a lot as punishment as well as dish it out. He was definitley a brawler and wild like graziano i just think he was a bigger puncher and had a better chin than him. I wish we had more footage of him... The most famous available one is him knocking down jack johnson only to get knocked out seconds later himself but as your well aware Ketchal was a natural middleweight although he did have some light heavyweight bouts, Johnson had to have 20 pounds on him and almost half a foot taller. The other thing is that fight is shady. Ketchal and Johnson were supposedly old friends, maybe it was a fix? Personally what i think happened was Johnson wasn't following the script of 'taking it easy' and when ketchal got his chance he went for it and dropped Johnson. I have no doubt he had the power to do it. johnson got ****ed and retaliated.
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