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Default Re: Ketchel v Langford: 1910 20 rounds for the MW title.

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Once Ketchel got out of 1908 (having absorbed one of the worst beatings in the history of the sport last year and dusted off one of the best MW divisions there would ever be), I think he had lost something. He didn't seem to be anything like as devastating behind this year. Also, rumours that had begun about his associating with undesirables (meaning junkies) had surfaced as early as the Kelly fight. I think he pulled himself together to exact his revenge upon Papke but after that he started to slip. It's there in his record apart from anything else.

It hurts me to say it, because I love Ketchel, but I don't think he was quite in Langford's class as a fighter. Even allowing for possible weight-drain issues i'd favour him quite heavily (considering the opponent) in 1910.
I think it's hard to say how much he had slipped. By that I mean he was still physically as capable as he ever was imo, and I think he could have gone onto be a long reigning MW champ (probably until Klaus hit his prime). Given his death it's easy to say he slipped, fought some non title affairs and then got killed, but we'll never know how much he'd slipped and whether it could be turned around (like chacon did, or was it limon I forget now).

anyways to this fight, I think Langford would be drained in it, I also think Langford would fail to score an early ko. If Ketchel can force a hard pace, he could score a late tko but he'd have to come from behind to do it.

I'm unsure whether I see Langford UD or Ketchel KO. they're the two most liekly outcomes for me.
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