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Default Re: Jump Rope Instead of Road Work?

Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
Every time I run lately my right knee starts hurting after about 2 miles. I've never had this problem before whenever I ran. I tried changing running shoes, working on my running form, and wearing knee braces, but nothing seems to be helping. I'm not a big fan of running anyways, so I was wondering if there are any benefits to road work that can't be achieved through increased time jumping rope. (Sorry if this has been discussed before.)
A friend I once ran with had the same problem. There's two things that can affect your knees in a big way when running. Pronation and supination, and they can be corrected to a large degree with proper support in your running shoes. He was pronating when running, meaning his heel struck the ground mostly on the outside and he came off the front nearer the big toe. So, instead of the brunt of the stress being absorbed in a linear fashion, it was running diagonal across his foot. Supination is just the opposite, but has the same effect. Either condition puts stress on the joints and contributes to shin splints, ankle and knee pain.

Take a look at the soles of your older running shoes to see how they are wearing.
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