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Default Re: Jump Rope Instead of Road Work?

^Thanks. I googled it when it first started happening and I guess it's a pretty common problem called "runner's knee". Just looked at my old running shoes and the soles look pretty evenly worn, so I'm not sure whether pronation or supination are the causes of my knee pain lol. I've been trying to land on my mid-foot when running recently cuz I heard that helps, but it hasn't so far. I run along a stream that has two tracks. One is just concrete and flat, and the one I use is cushioned but goes downhill and uphill every 500 m or so. I did notice that the pain usually starts when I'm slowly running downhill. Next time I run I'm gonna use the flat track to see if it still hurts, but I'm still curious if I can just jump rope instead and get the same or similar benefits.
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