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Default The Fantasy Boxing League 2012/2013 - End of April Rankings

The final lineups have been set and there will be no more entries.

The Rules:

Team Selection

To enter a team, you need to pick 5 boxers (worldwide), using the categories below

Prospect A: Must have had no more than 10 fights, and not challenged for any title i.e British/Commonwealth, another countries national title, minor ABC (intercontinental, international, "silver" belt etc), euro or world

Prospect B: Must have had no more than 20 fights. May hold or have held a domestic (e.g. British or Commonwealth or another countries national title) or minor ABC title

Contender A: Any boxer who has not held or challenged for any world title including interim or WBA regular belts

Contender B: Any boxer who currently does not hold a full world title belt. i.e can be an interim or WBA "regular" belt holder (where a WBA super champion exists).

Champion: Can hold one (or more) of the main 4 belts

Note the definitions above are the "maximum" level of fighter which can be picked for each category. You can if you wish pick a team full of prospects.

The Sergio Martinez Rule: where a fighter holds the WBC Diamond belt but is widely regarded as "the" champion, then this belt will be considered as the world title, and the normal WBC title will be treated as the equivalent of an interim belt

Your team cannot exactly match another participants team. Please do not edit your post containing the team selection as I need to use the date/time to see who came up with a combination of boxers first.
If you want to change your team, make a new post.

You can change your team as often as you want until 31st July

The league will run from 1st August 2012 until 31st July 2013. I will record every boxer chosen in a team, and put out an update once a month.


There will be one transfer window in January, where participants can make up to 2 transfers. The fighter being transferred in must be in the same category as the fighter being transferred out.

However, the fighter must match the criteria described in the Team Selection section above as at the date of the transfer. i.e. if you want to transfer in a new prospect A, that fighter must have had no more than 10 fights etc at the date of the transfer.

Transfers will start scoring 24 hours after the transfer is made (this is to stop people making a transfer immediately after one of their fighters have fought, and where the new transfer is due to fight on the same night)


Base scoring system:
3 or 4 rounder: 1pt for win, extra 1 pt for stoppage
6 rounder: 2pts for win, extra 1 pt for stoppage
8 rounder: 3pts for win, extra 2 pts for stoppage
10 rounder: 5 pts for win, extra 3 pts for stoppage
12 rounder: 8 pts for win, extra 4 pts for stoppage

Title Fight Pts (following pts are for both title challenges and defences):
Note only fights scheduled for 12 rounds will be considered as title fights

Domestic/minor title fight (e.g. Commonwealth or national title such as the British, or regional title such as OPBF, or minor title of one of the 4 main organisations): + 1pt for taking part, extra 2pts for winning

Prizefighter: +3pts for winning

European title fight: + 2pts for taking part, extra 3 pts for winning

Final Eliminator fight for one of the main 4 organisations Or an interim belt Or regular WBA title (if super champ exists): + 3 pts for taking part, extra 4 pts for winning

World title fight for one of the main 4 belts: +4pts for taking part, extra 6 pts for winning

Unification title fight (2 belts on the line): +6pts for taking part, extra 9 pts for winning

Unification title fight (3 belts on the line): +8pts for taking part, extra 12 pts for winning

Unification title fight (4 belts on the line): +12pts for taking part, extra 18 pts for winning

To clarify, a unification fight is only counted as such if both fighters hold belts and all are on the line. A unified champion defending against an opponent with no belts will be treated as a standard world title fight.

Prestige Pts:

Top 10 P4P opponent (this will use The Ring P4P top ten at the time of fight): +10pts for fighting, extra 5 pts for winning

Winning a world title at a new weight (becoming a multiweight champion): +10pts

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