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Originally Posted by ChrisPontius View Post
Wrong. He was going for the kill early in (among others) the fights with Ruddock, Golota, Grant, Mason, Botha, Weaver and Akinwande.

Nor sure what makes you question Lewis' heart at any point in his career. But yes, I'd pick any of the versions to put Shavers away with little effort.

Why not? He has more power than Quarry, he's a better boxer than Quarry, he's bigger than Quarry, he's just better offensively in pretty much every way.

Irrelevant, but yes Lewis, could beat Holmes of the Shavers fights. Wouldn't put any money down, though.

The best I can imagine either do is a Mercer-esque fight, although they don't have the durability that Ray had. At worst (and more likely), I see mid-round stoppages or lopside decision wins for Lewis. Sorry but Lyle is very much like a typical opponent Lewis beat.

Quarry? I hate to bring the old size argument, but it takes extraordinary talent for a 6'0 195lbs man to even be competitive with a man like Lewis - think Dempsey of Frazier. Quarry wasn't a very big puncher, not a greatly skilled boxer and not very fast either. I just don't see anything that he can do here except eat leather. Then there's the nail in the coffin that Quarry completely choked against great opposition (Frazier 2x, Ali 2x). I think he won 1 round out of the combined 20 or so rounds against them. He had the heart of a lion, but at the same time lacked self-confidence on the highest level.

I agree he has a puncher's chance. But if there's anything I've learned, then it is that if a guy only has a puncher's chance, he's almost certain to lose. Peter vs Wlad, Foreman vs Ali, Tyson vs Lewis, Morrison vs Lewis, Benn vs Watson, Mayweather vs Corrales, Williams vs Liston, etc etc.

Well, I've heard a story where Shavers punched the bag so hard that it fell to the floor. In the 70's. If that anecdote doesn't make you pick Shavers then I don't know what will.
Lewis' heart Chris? Overconfidence could probably be the better word. McCall and Rahman are obvious. Damn near losing to Bruno would make me be a bit skeptical, and Shannon Briggs didn't know how to place his shots or pace himself.

Shavers has a punchers chance and a little more than that, but I'd bet on Lewis winning. Just not by a blowout like you say.

The older Lewis wouldn't try to blow him out, thus the very reason he quoted himself as a "pugislitic specialist." Older Lewis wouldn't waste energy trying to stop Earnie early. Younger Lennox might, but he'd likely get caught.

Quarry was one strong man Chris. Not a weakling. He could hurt Lewis but I think it would take one of his very best performances to beat Lennox. You are forgetting that Lewis is no Ali and would be there to hit for the smaller man in Quarry. Dundee, Futch and Gil Clancy have all said Quarry was a tough, fighter with a sneaky right hand a good left hook. Lewis likely beats him if he stays outside but not without some trouble.

Please Chris, Lewis beating Larry Homes of the Shavers fights? Uh uh.
Holmes would move him and jab him, plus Lennox sometimes drops that left hand and would be wide open to Holmes's right hand. Lewis isn't beating Larry in the jab war and his right hand maybe be more powerful, but a lot slower.
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