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Default Re: Langford's ranking at LHW

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
I don't think for one second that Langford is anything less than one of the very best fighters that ever lived that weighed around 175lbs.

My question for you guys is, who did he definitely beat when he weighed 175lbs or less when his opponent also weighed 175lbs or less, but where Langford also weighed above 160lbs?

Which fighters weighing more than 175lbs did he beat when he weighed between 160 and 175lbs?

How comfortable are you ranking him top 10 without detailed info on these numbers if you do so?
I find it incredibly hard to rate Langford at all ,in the first place,in which division do you put him?
He just may have been the greatest 175 pounder of all time.
For example ,would you be confident of putting your wages on Charles or Moore to beat him? Tunney and ,Conn might outspeed him,but excellent champs like Delaney,Dillon,Foster would be no more than even money and, for me , no better than 40/60 against him.
Maybe Greb could stay a step ahead of him, who else?
Spinks? Doubtful,imo.

Including men who never won the title such as Tunney,and of course Charles,I put Sam in the top 5 easily.

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