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Default Re: What would Samart Payakaroon do?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Fenech was a problem for Samart because he was horribly drained at the weight and Fenech is arguably the toughest head to head proposition around that weight not called Wilfredo Gomez or Eder Jofre. Awful matchup for Samart anyway, but I would've loved to have seen it play out over the scheduled distance, was a perfect styles clash on paper, Payakroon's legs went pretty quickly though. And without 'em he was ****ed.

Pintor was horribly shot so Samart's best boxing showing is against the tough and hard punching but basic Mexican aggressor Juan 'Kid' Meza. Awesome display of movement, defence (seriously Samart rivals Sweet Pea himself in the last round) and accuracy. Not a great fight by any means, but until someone makes me hit the stratosphere upon proving that footage of Samart's debut against Vorasingh exists, I'll go with that one.

Best performance by a convert in boxing is by Khaokor Galaxy against Sung-Kil Moon IMO. That man displays both facets of Thai footwork against an iron chinned gravel fisted legend. And beats the living **** out of him.
I'm not disputing anything you are saying here, but I was trying to make more of a point about the transition from Muay Thai to Western Boxing more than anything else. In a Thai boxing bout, there is no way someone could have put his head on Payakaroon and unload on him like that. I don't know that Samart could have ever beaten Fenech even if Samart had never Thai boxed, and been a western boxer his entire life. I was thinking more of how difficult it was for Samart to shift from one style to the other without facing someone that presses as hard as Fenech. I realize Payakaroon had been a professional boxer for nearly 5 years when he faced Fenech, so it wasn't like he made the switch over to boxing with one training camp. Still, I can't help but think that Fenech's pressure made him feel severely handicapped without the use of 6 of his "8 limbs."
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