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Default Re: B.J. Penn offers to pay for UFC 152 testing if VADA willing to hold results until

Originally Posted by AJAX View Post
Most people don't like the TRT that's going on now but if it wasn't for it guys like Hendo and Sonnen wouldn't have been fighting for titles and in main events. It's a catch 22 for Dana. And not to mention Overroid was lucky he didn't get caught for the Lesnar fight becasue we could all assume he was on "stuff" for that fight also.
There is no catch 22. If you want to be a clean sport then you dont allow TRT just because a fighter is geting old or because they have abused there body so much with PED's.

Getting old is not a valid excuse for TRT. A consequence of getting old is you more that likely cant do things which a a guy 10 years younger can do. Thats just life so deal with it. The idea that its somehow fair to get TRT is just absurd.
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