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Default Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy

recently sparred against a taller guy, and honestly was just flustered over his handspeed, movement and his reach.

My coach said i did pretty good for my second time although i wasnt consistant. I'd have flashes of moments were i would do real well, landing real clean punches. The times i really used a jab and countering of his i'd land 80% of the time. The problem was my jab doesnt really come out as often, itd be a rehearsing jab or a short quick jab and once in a while a step in jab but after a few times of just completely missing i rarely did it at all. I really can't remember my sparring session as well but my coach said some times i'd show great timing with my jab, i have good power but i'm just not consistant.

my sparring partner made me hit air, when i went to the body.

Whenever i try to throw a jab without stepping in though, i always feel as though im just too far away and i did many times and missed almost all. The only shots that got through were counters. Im fighting from outside his range and when i do enter his range he throws a quick one two and pushes me back.

what are things to really improve my jab?
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