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Default Re: What would Samart Payakaroon do?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Can't see it being out there, but what an amazing viewing experience it would surely be! Samart's pro debut versus ex light fly champ Vorasingh....4'11!

BoranBKK I asked you about 'sab' before...Seņor Pepe over on the classic has seen Saensak listed as 'Saeb' make any difference?
No, just looks like bad Romanaisation to me, one being a Western take and one a Thai take on how to spell it. Common to get multiple romanised versions of the same word.

It's like the current "Buakaw" romanised by Thais, that isn't really correct for English speakers. It should be something like "Buakhao" or "Buakao" or even "Buakhaow".

About Samart's debut, where was it? Very often boxing debuts are the 1st fight on a Raja or Lumpini MT 10 fight card. If it was one of those there may be something out there in Thailand.
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