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Default Re: does the jab work for taller opponents?

I was sparring with a much bigger guy last night (195 lb 6, 4" vs 139 5 lb, 8")
I'm used to sparring taller guys, but not this drastic. Anyways, it was a good experience for me cuz it made me constantly think and readjust in terms of movement/spacing. For example, what I thought was a good distance to stay out of range was not far enough and I ate too many shots before having to back up further. So his jab was really hard to beat. With guys that are a even few inches taller than me, as long as I am faster, and beat them to the jab, that's usually enough to stop their jab. With this guy, even if I got mine off first, his would still land anyway. It was a bit frustrating. I'm still learning as a boxer, so the lesson for me was - with a significant reach advantage, I cannot rely on speed - I had to slip or parry his jab first before getting mine off. Then get the combo on the inside.
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