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Default Re: does the jab work for taller opponents?

Absolutely. . . Especially to the body. . The jab to the body is one of the most underutilized weapons in boxing, especially when a shorter man is fighting a taller man. . . Aim for either side of rib cage, his heart, or his liver. ..

You ahve to be a bit more careful going downstairs. . . And in general wehn you're trying to jab up, and further away against a taller opponent. Just make sure to snap that jab back just as fast as you pop it out. . Picture yourself as a frog, and your jab as the frog's tongue, and you're trying to catch a fly, and eat it. . SNAP OUT! SNAP BACK!

If you can find your "sweet spot" range, you can frustrate a taller guy something fierce. . .
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