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Default Possibility of Competing at the End of Oct

My coach told me about a competition for hobby boxers at the end of October, and he thinks I should fight in it. Matches are based on age as well as weight, and each fight is only two 1 min 30 sec rounds. I'm 28, 176.5 cm (5ft 9.5 in), currently 72.5 kg (159 pounds), and I started boxing in January of this year. I can try to compete at either 70 kg or 75 kg, though he thinks I'll be on the short side at 75 kg. I'm sure my coach will have more to tell me later on, but thought I'd ask a few questions here.

1) Even though it's not a serious competition, I don't wanna take it lightly. Do you guys do anything differently when preparing for a fight compared to just an average day/week at the gym?

2) I've never competed in a sport with weight classes and have no experience with cutting water weight. Since weigh-ins are on the day of, should I try to get down to 70 kg ahead of time and just stay there, or should I stay around my current weight and cut right before?
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