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Default Re: Difference between an infighter, swarmer, and pressure fighter?

A "swarmer" sets the pace. He leads off punching his way in. He is a two handed high work rate come forward guy. A grinder who uses his pace.

An "infighter" doesn’t fight at a higher pace. He’s a mauler who looks to fight within a clinch, stays close, leans on and looks to get his hands free on a clench. Its about finding that distance where the other guy is smothered, cant get his hands free but you can.

A pressure fighter is always edging in and looking to corner you. He’s not always punching his way in but he is backing you up with feints and making an opening. You make three steps to his one staying away. Often a presure fighter counters his way in as aposed to slugging his way in.

The difference between a swarmer and pressure fighters is pace but often a good aggressive fighter will alternate between swarming, infighting and presure fighting.
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