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Default Re: Difference between an infighter, swarmer, and pressure fighter?

I find separation of styles comes down to mannerisms a lot of the time, or small nuances.

I mean, both Joe Frazier and Rocky Marciano are tagged as pressure fighters but there are initially small contrasts that differentiate greatly. Frazier was left hook dominant and forwardly balanced with regular, constant bobbing. Marciano shuffled forward, holding his centre of gravity at the rear, and his head movement was less automatic. As a general pattern, Frazier was rhythmic, paced, and bent forwards at the waist to avoid punches, setting up classic-looking hooks to both body and head. As a rule, Marciano fought more spontaneously, and leaned backwards into a defensive crouch that transitioned into a weave to get inside; even then, any left handed punch was a 'worker', setting himself up for another right hand.

I don't know if I could label them as anything other than pressure fighters, or in other words, an advancing fighter with a primary intention of wearing down the opponent.

In my opinion, it comes down to this:

- Boxer-mover (retreating, passive)
- Boxer-puncher (neutral, versatile)
- Swarmer (advancing, active)
- Slugger (advancing, explosive)

A boxer can be crude or technical in any class, and it may be common for a fighter to transition between two or even all of them depending on a variety of factors.
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