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Default Shogun is becoming underrated - guy is a top 10 ATG IMO

Injuries have blighted Shogun's career and made him age faster than he should have. He has lost some silly fights in the UFC, and lost some fights he should've won.

But the guy is still an ATG, if you consider his career overall.

I personally rate him a top 10 ATG.

Consider the following facts:

- Pride 2005 GP champion (the #1 fighter of a tournament that included Wanderlei, Rampage, Hendo, Overeem, Belfort, Vovchanchyn, L'il Nog, Randleman, Arona and Sakuraba)

- One of the elite group to be a Pride champion (GP) and a UFC champion

- He was the man to solve the Machida puzzle and end the 'Machida era', taking the Dragon's zero by KO after outfighting him over 5 rounds in the eyes of many

- His win resume is superb by any standards:

L'il Nog
Overeem (twice)

I'm basically making this thread because someone said that Rua was a good fighter but not a great one, and would be considered a top 10 lhw ever only. For me, that is complete bullshit.

If you take his win resume, achievements, and his ability in his prime into accout, this guy was one of the best fighters ever in this sport. I consider him the #1 lightheavyweight ever as things stand, and a top 10 ATG.

His ability is underrated because he has came to the cage out of shape and horribly underperformed at times, but if you watch a fully fit Shogun, he is an elite fighter. The way he fought in the Pride GP, using great striking but also great grappling against Nogueira, was a special fighter for sure.

I actually place Rua 10th, ahead of guys like Chuck Liddell, Rampage, Crocop and Couture.

for what it's worth, my current top 10 in order is:

1.Fedor Emelianenko
2.Anderson Silva
3.Georges St Pierre
4.Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
5.Dan Henderson
6.BJ Penn
7.Matt Hughes
8.Kazushi Sakuraba
9.Wanderlei Silva
10.Shogun Rua

Honourable mentions: Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Mirko Crocop, Rampage Jackson

I expect Jon Jones (already) to join this list very soon.
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