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Default Re: Difference between an infighter, swarmer, and pressure fighter?

For me personally, IN FIGHTING is not used in the context today as it once was. Infighting for me is a lost are in boxing that I haven't seen like the 50's or 60's. People call Tyson an infighter - he definetly was not! Did you ever see him work in the clinch or hurt a dude inside? Never he was easy to tie up and was useless in the clinch. In-fighting is roughing people up in the clinches, being able to work inside. Actually Duran was great at it, watch him against Moore and Leonard (first fight) and he could work beautifully at head-on-head range and even when tied up. But really it's a dying art, Basilio and LaMotta were great infghters.

In general power punchers don't like to fight inside. They can't swing there shots and get full power on it if they do.

Swarming is hard to say. It's throwing a lot of punches. I think Aaon Pryor was a swarmer, as was Harry Greb. Very similar to pressure fighter. I think 'swarming' is like when Marciano would tee off and just thrown non-stop for 30-60sec straight, its not really a style but a technique.

A pressure fighter is simply a boxer who comes forward and applies LOTS OF PRESSURE on their opponent. e.g. Frazier, Marciano, Paul Williams or Antonio Margarito are modern examples.
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