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Default Re: Difference between an infighter, swarmer, and pressure fighter?

My personal definitions:

Infighter: Some that is always trying to take the fight to the inside, then stay there and go to war. They may have good power or none, they may throw 20 punches a round or 60, the point is that they always want to fight it out up close and in the trenches and specialize in close range combat. Many also specialize in fighting rough and dirty, like a head that is constantly in the other guy's face, holding and hitting, etc.

For a recent example, see Wolak from the first Rodriguez-Wolak fight:


Swarmer: Someone who tries to overwhelm with activity. These are the guys that come at you throwing 100 punches a round with little to no let up. They have endless stamina, and with the exception of some of the best ones, many have no defense except the fact that their opponent is too busy and overwhelmed to respond effectively. Examples I tend to think of fitting into this category: Paul Williams, Antonio Margarito, the young Manny Pacquiao, etc.


Pressure: Pressure fighters break their opponent by hunting them down and forcing them on defense constantly. Pressure fighters stay close (although not always chest to chest) and keep the tempo going higher than the other guy can sustain it. If, for example, they're fighting an outfighter/boxer, a pressure fighter keeps cutting off the ring, so the outboxer can't get away just by moving and has to constantly throw and engage in order to keep from getting pounded on. Both doing that and being the mover burns up stamina and, when a fight isn't going the boxer's way, takes a mental toll as well.

(There used to be a short youtube clip that beautifully demonstrated my definition of a pressure fighter. It was taken from an overhead camera in Ali-Frazier I, and in it Ali tried to move away from Frazier by circling, but no matter which way Ali moved or how he tried to switch directions, Frazier was never more than a foot away from him, so Ali had to constantly be defending himself and watching for the attack from Frazier.)


Now 2 things should be obvious, first that these are just my personal opinions and definitions, and second, that there's a lot of room for overlap. For example, a swarmer is applying their own kind of pressure with their constant activity and aggressiveness, but not every pressure fighter is a swarmer. Chavez Sr. relies on pressuring his opponents, but he never came forward recklessly, and always picked his punches carefully and economically unless he had the other guy hurt and in trouble.

It's also true that some fighters will switch between different approaches as the situation calls for. To use the example of Chavez Sr again, when fighting an outboxer he would take a pressure approach. When fighting someone who wanted to fight him up close, then he would use the infighter approach, and there were few better at it in the history of the sport.

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