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Default Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy

Don't be hard on yourself if you are only starting out. Sounds like you did fine.

To be honest the best way to improve your jab is to practice it. Practice and then practice some more. Try and work it on the heavybag but make sure you are getting proper extension and that your arm isn't bent. That helps you learn the range of jab at full extension. Work it on the pads and the double end bag also.

Sounds like you are a counter puncher and just because you are shorter doesn't mean you can't counter him. He has the reach advantage and that is of course part of the reason he is catching you.

What you should do is add a lot of head movement and more importantly feints. If you are outisde his range and are struggling to close the gap then make him lead. If you feel confident in your head movement you can lower your hands just a little bit to invite him to move to you and punch instead of you having to go forward. Really though, The best thing to do is add feints. If he is landing as you come in then add a feint or two and then move back once he commits to get him to fall short. That should leave him open to be countered.
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