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Default Re: Does Jon Jones have the best GnP in MMA history?

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
Come on Scurla, that's nonsense.

Coleman and Kerr were uncultured clubbers.

Tito's GnP would never be able to land on and obliterate a guy of Shogun's calibre the way that Jones's did.

I'm not a fan of Jones either, but his elbows on the deck are fantastic, and his groundwork so often makes the difference vs fighters better than the guys that Coleman, Kerr and Tito were beating.

Can you post me a video where these guys clinically brutalized anyone as good on the ground as Shogun? The sequence where Jones beat Rua up on the mat which led to Shogun's final retreat and the end of the fight was extremely evil GnP.
It's not nonsense. Slice it dice it which ever way you want it. The reality is JJ is NOT known for his GnP. And neither is his GnP up their with the likes of Kerr Fedor etc who when they started punching you in the face on the mat invariably had stoppage a few seconds later against top ranked opposition.
You on the other hand seem quite enamoured by Jones victory over a clearly shot and pass prime Shogun. Why on Earth you're then comparing that with Tito head to head i haven't got a clue.
The fact Jones was unable to stop Shogun speaks more about Jones GnP head to head with guys like Fedor et al, as opposed to Shoguns toughness.

Bottom line is Tito was infamous and well renowned in the MMA world at that time for his GnP. In his super fight with Ken the first time that same GnP stopped Ken in one of the most brutal fights and losses Ken had ever been on the end of. Your memorys too short. Go and watch Tito's early fights and watch what he did to guys in his guard. Likewise do the same with Fedor, Coleman Kerr and Vovchancyn.
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