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Default Re: Does Jon Jones have the best GnP in MMA history?

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
You're fixating way too much on reputations, and what people may or may not have thought about someones' style. Jones has a multi-faceted style, so his GnP does not garner the same attention as someone as one-dimensional as Tito, but why does that mean Tito's is better? Tito may have relied on his more, but that's because he was not as varied or as well-rounded as Jones, it doesn't in any way mean that Tito's was better.

Shamrock? Jones would put him in a bodybag with a flick of his wrist on the ground. This is silly.
No i'm not. My opinion is based on what i saw in those mens fights. GnP is GnP which ever way you want to paint it. If Jones GnP was that good people would be talking about it the same way we talked about Fedor's. Therefore your comparison in my eyes is completely invalid.
Again Tito finished more of his fights with soild GnP. Laugh at it all you want but Ken Tito WAS a super fight and Ken was giving the worst beating of his life. If you was watching MMA circa 2002/3 you'd know that and would't be making light of it just to make a semantic and specious point about what you perceive to be a more varied GnP.
When Jones does what Vovchancyn did to Inoue who he left in a hospital for 3 months with a swollen brain let me know. As the last i checked Shogun survived 5 rounds with your apparent 'flick of the wrist' on the ground.
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